November 21 2019: ALL-IN ITALIA

Viaggio Miraggio nel Villaggio Globale, “mirage journey in the global village,” is the title of Luigi Ontani’s Murano glass chandelier from 1995. A universe is contained within the glass. It illuminates the surrounding world and fills it with fantasy.

Italy has often been associated with the past, with its antiquity and rinascimento. ALL–IN Nº4 reinterprets the idea of rebirth, viewing Italy’s rich landscape and history as an empty disco, a site for experimentation and renewal. This void with endless potential carries us into an unchained future.

Gruppo 9999
Mathilde Agius
Bror August
Jeannette Montgomery Barron
Alessandro Bava
Makram Bitar
Joanne Burke
Katie Burnett
Sabrina de Sousa
Martino Gamper
Romeo Gigli
François Gravel
Julie Greve
Image Group
Joyce Ng
Luigi Ontani
Antje Peters
Bianca Raggi
Oliviero Toscani
Tina Tyrell
Massimo Vitali
Harumi Yamaguchi
and many more.

304 pages
1 kg
18 x 25 cm / 7 x 10 in
245 color / 54 B/W images

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