July 10 2022: PetaPixel: Cindy Sherman in 1985: Photographing the Photographer

Thanks to Phil Mistry at PetaPixel for his recent article "Cindy Sherman in 1985: Photographing the Photographer," covering my work and my book Cindy Sherman — Contact, published by NJG Studio. 

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"When Barron arrived, Sherman was dressed in a simple shirt and pants; that was how she was photographed. Barron just presumed that she wanted to be photographed that way and did not ask her to change or get into one of her characters... Barron, whose photographic mantra is 'keep it simple,' placed her Hasselblad 500 C/M on a tripod (as that was her preferred mode with the rather heavy square format camera) and slapped on a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f/4 (a simple four-element, three-group design that took great photos even in the earlier uncoated versions). The 120 film was Tri-X 400, and she exposed 4-5 rolls in the next about one hour that she was there."