Cindy Sherman — Contact

‘CONTACT’ is the complete sitting of 40 Cindy Sherman portraits, including 4 contact sheets, together with photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s original mark ups – shot Thursday 31st October, Halloween 1985 in Cindy Sherman’s studio, New York City. What characterises these portraits is a kind of transparency, a truth of sorts. Photographed without the fanfare of the assorted props, makeup or wigs, Cindy is her own subject. Here Jeannette captures a different yet similar Cindy “gaze” an awareness that looks inward not out.

76 pages encased in a blood orange hardback cover, set within a cobalt blue frame, housed in a protective canvas box, with ebony de-bossed foiled titles, complete with an extended opening chord.

This collection of photographs is part of a remarkable compendium of portraits shot by Jeannette of renowned personalities from arguably the most exciting era of New York City underground culture—the 1980s—when the young and indomitable flocked downtown in search of places to work and live among like-minded collaborators. These musicians, filmmakers, painters, writers, fashion designers, publishers, actors, models and photographers played together, worked together, made their own rules and changed our culture, as we know it, forever.

Published by NJG, July 2021.